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The standard in PDF editing

PACKZ is a program for labels and packaging professionals. The program edits the data in PDF format, which is standard in package printing. PACKZ has a wide range of tools to prepare your design for any type of printing.

Key features:

  • No file conversions needed 
  • Multi Platform Solution for OS X and Windows 
  • 64-bit multi-processing and multi-threading 
  • Smart Trapping with quality control wizard 
  • Automatic Trapping and Pullback 
  • Separation and color profile handling 
  • Fonts, text and character recognition 
  • Intelligent marks and info panels 
  • Connect LIVE Objects to document content or external data 
  • Barcode creation and recognition 
  • Object-based screening and curves with dot control 
  • Recognition of curved text
  • Easily integrated into an existing workflow management system

More info www.packz.com

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